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EXPERT SERIES: Moving Switzerland’s Digitization Forward


This episode brings us together with Nicolas Burer and Matthias Zwingli from Digital Switzerland, an organisation that comprises more than 130 leading companies, organisations, academia and politics to achieve its mission to establish Switzerland as a leading European digital-innovation hub. Working with startups is an integral part of this mission which is why I was super excited to hear they would join us for an episode of our expert series. Nicolas Burer is the Managing Director of Digital Switzerland and Swiss Business Angel of the Year for 2018, and Matthias Zwingli connects startups, corporates, investors and hubs as a Startup Ecosystem Builder. In this compact half hour interview we covered questions on dealing with business angels, working with corporates and more. IF YOU LIKE THIS PODCAST, GIVE US A FIVE STAR REVIEW ON APPLE PODCAST. We covered the following topics:

DIGITALSWITZERLAND What problem are you solving? What’s the purpose of your company? Who are your target customers and what do you offer them? What are cooperation possibilities between Startups, Corporates and Investors BUSINESS ANGELS, BOARD MEMBERS & ENTREPRENEURS At what point should a startup start to raise money from a business angel? What does it depend on? What should an early stage founder look for in a business angel? Can you tell us about the best example of a founder asking you for money? And also the worst example? CORPORATE INNOVATION What is your experience with cooperations between Startups and Corporates? What founders / startups should look for collaborations with corporates? And why? What type of person do you think should focus on working for an innovation department, and not building their own venture? Links/Weekly recommendation:  

Zurück an die Arbeit by Lars Vollmer Scale ups made in Silicon Valley (we couldn’t find a link, if you do, please let us know)

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