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Swiss startups on the radar – Top 100 Award and Deep Tech Investor Dinner

Updated: May 8, 2020

Published 06/09/2018 -

As cross-cultural and international as we Swiss are, I do catch myself sometimes competing with a world of 8 million people. However, from time to time, I have to remind myself that the world does not end on the other side of the Rhine, there are another 7’640 million people we share this planet with.

When it comes to startups, scaling and going international in terms of customers and investors can be crucial. Especially big investment rounds can be hard to raise solely in Switzerland – for now.

This is why digitalswitzerland partnered up with Venturelab and the ETH Zurich to bring international venture capitalists and investors to Switzerland to connect them with the Swiss startup ecosystem and its educational hubs, investor-network and of course its exceptional startups. In two days they experienced it all.

Investor Summit

Before the actual dinner, we connected the investors with each other to foster future dealflows and to create a seamless process to raise capital. Now it was time to connect the investors with the Swiss startups. During the pitches and one-on-one sessions investors got in touch with the startups. And for those who that was not enough, during the TOP 100 Startup Award, it was another chance to get to know the best startups in the country.

TOP 100 Swiss Startup Award

From drones that find your “Einfränkler” on multiple footballfields to revulotianary medtech startups, Switzerlands thriving innovation scene has a lot to offer. Over 700 guests followed the event, which was organized by Venturelab with our support as one of the main partners. It was a great opportunity to get in touch with the inspiring entrepreneurs. Such as ava, who showed us how important it is to go global early on and never forget our humble Swiss roots and bexio who proved the case that a clear focus on the Swiss market can lead to a successful exit.

Whatever way you choose, the Startup DAYs are right around the corner. So for whoever did not sign up yet, better hurry! Tickets are available here.

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